Alumni Ambassadors

River Discovery is proud to now offer an ambassador program 
which alumni volunteers have the ability to connect and engage
with prospective participants and our cancer community. 

In 2018 the board selected four alumni from our
Joe & Fran Tonsmeire Salmon River 6-day Adventure as our inaugural class. 
We thank them for joining our team.



Erica is an artist who resides in the scenic, coastal town of Rockport, Massachusetts and a survivor of aggressive brain tumors and Thymic Carcinoma.  Always up for a new adventure, she had little camping and no rafting experience before learning about River Discovery.  She quickly saw what a life-changing trip she was undertaking, facing fears and challenging limitations physically, mentally, and spiritually with a group of like-minded participants, allowing her to rediscover her physical self and her connection to nature. She now feels fortunate to be able to assist others to learn how River Discovery can make a difference in their lives.



Toni, a grandmother of 6, lives in Nampa, ID.  She is a 3 year survivor of invasive Lobular Carcinoma breast cancer - a life changing experience where she faced many fears - physically, mentally and spiritually.  In 2016 she went on the 3-day retreat with her boyfriend. She learned she was not the only one to feel the way that she did. They both now return on the trip as volunteers each year.  In 2017 she went on the 6-day river trip, a spiritual experience being in the wilderness where she learned a lot about her self.   She is now fortunate to be able to help others on how River Discovery can make a difference in their lives.



Emily is an attorney from Boise, Idaho, who battled breast cancer two years ago.   Her first day on the river, Emily laughed more than she had in a long time! Around the campfire that night, she found safety as she learned about new friends who understood, like her, what life unraveled from cancer feels like.  During the week, the stillness of the river and the canyon helped Emily to slowly unwind from stress and replace worry with peace. Emily looks forward to sharing this amazing opportunity with others.



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Josie enjoyed every minute of the River Discovery Adventure:  drawn to the kayaks every day, swimming in the river most afternoons, photographing eagles and bighorn sheep, appreciating the stars at night, meeting and learning from new friends and reconnecting with nature and herself.  She had never camped before and found the whole experience exhilarating and is eager to spread the word about how powerful/healing the River Discovery experience can be.  Josie lives in Montclair, NJ with her husband and teenage son and has four grown step-children.  She had a rare sarcoma six years ago.