This is a river experience and it will be challenging. You will get wet.

There are a lot of people who have not paddled before, and so a lot are coming from the same level of experience. Everyone is nervous and everyone is wondering what to expect. All the staff on the trip is there to help facilitate a safe, supportive and connected environment. We are here every step of the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have camping/rafting experience to participate?

No. Our trips are customized to accommodate most fitness levels and physical limitations; no previous camping or rafting experience is necessary. As with any outdoor sport or adventure activity, rafting has its potential inherent risks. The ability to self-ambulate on sand and uneven terrain is mandatory for extended-day River Adventures.

Should I be concerned I will not have the physical ability to participate in one of your adventures?

Before you turn down an opportunity to participate on a River Discovery adventure, reach out to speak with  us.

Needing extra accommodation possibilities does not mean you cannot participate in any of the trips.

What should I do if I'm nervous/anxious about spending a week with people I don't know, doing an activity/sport I've never done, in a place I've never been before?

Our culture is all about compassion, inclusion and kindness. Everyone will come with different levels of experience, comfort, and stories – our staff will embrace you where you are.

Will I be safe?

River Discovery contracts with a licensed outfitter to provide professional guides and high-quality rafting and camping equipment including a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) for all participants.

Professional medical and mental health volunteers attend all of our multi-day trips, and many of the guides have advanced wilderness first-aid responder certifications. Guides and outfitters are made aware ahead of time of medical conditions and accommodations necessary for participants.

I have dietary needs - how do you meet them?

Participants are able to provide dietary requirements and preferences that are taken into careful consideration during menu planning.

While outfitters prepare most of the food and provide snacks, some participants with especially tricky dietary needs are encouraged to bring supplementary snacks/ food items

Do I need permission from my doctor to participate?

If you have been diagnosed with cancer a Provider Medical Evaluation form is required with your registration paperwork.

I live outside of Idaho. Can I still participate?

YES. Our trips are not limited to people who live in Idaho. However, we typically do not to cover the costs for participants to travel to get to our adventures. We will help coordinate travel and places to stay once in Idaho.

What is the closest major airport?

Boise Airport (BOI) is the most convenient airport for all of our adventures.

Boise Airport is a joint civil-military airport in the western United States in Idaho, three miles south of downtown Boise in Ada County. The airport is operated by the city of Boise Department of Aviation, overseen by an airport commission.

Do I get to bring my family with me?

We offer different types of adventure. Some you can bring your family with you, others are designed for you and a co-survivor, and our main trip is for survivors only.   Each adventure specifies who can go on each trip.

Can I participate in more than one adventure?

Adventures are once in a lifetime experiences. Therefore, we encourage you to apply every year for any trips you have not yet participated in.  Please do not reapply if you have already been on a specific trip.
We encourage you to participate in our alumni events.

Details river trip attendees should know before registering.
  • Be prepared to set up and potentially share a tent
  • Bathrooms are portable and “leave no trace”
  • Attendees will be in charge of their own transportation to the starting location – carpooling available upon request. Where each adventure starts will be detailed to you for your specific trip.
What are the basic expectations?
  • Most trips are off-the grid, without cell phone service. We encourage minimizing phone use outside of taking photos.
  • Sharing photos – any photos taken will be shared with the entire group
  • Cancer Talk – We each get to make our own decision about how much and how often we talk about cancer. We usually have a facilitator on our trips to help guide conversation, but it is completely up to the individual as to what they share with the group. 
  • Attendees are expected to keep any sensitive or private information sacred to the trip
What if I cannot afford the travel and supplies for the trip?

Do not let finances stop you from applying for any of our adventures.  Our team works hard to ensure that finances are not an obstacle for participation in any of our adventures.  Reach out to our Executive Director to discuss financial aid options.

How do I get more involved with River Discovery?

River Discovery is a small, people driven non-profit.  Our alumni and supporters may remain involved by:

  • Attending social events and friend-raisers throughout the year
  • Becoming Alumni Ambassadors by communicating with present participants to prepare them for our trips
  • Donate monetarily and in-kind items throughout the year to support our programs
  • Asking – helping with something we have not thought of
What is Your Covid-19 Policy?
  • In furtherance of River Discovery’s’ (RD) commitment to health and safety, RD strongly recommends that all Parties (e.g., Participants, Visitors, Volunteers, and Partners) at a RD program are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • Please adhere to CDC’s COVID-19 vaccination definitions (e.g., “fully vaccinated” and “up to date”) and recommendations for immunocompromised and non-immunocompromised persons. Please note that CDC’s vaccination recommendations may change as COVID-19 data evolves.
  • RD serves moderately and severely immunocompromised individuals and asks that you consider the health and safety of others when attending a program. Vaccinations provide protection against severe disease. Even if everyone is up to date on vaccinations, some infections may occur.
  • RD reserves the right to require masks, social distancing, testing, quarantining, and any health measures as needed. Willingness to comply with RD’s health measures is a condition for program participation.
  • Do not attend a program if you are not feeling well (e.g., COVID-19 like symptoms, the flu, common cold, etc.). If this is the case, RD will find another program for you. You will not be admitted to a program if you are sick. If you have any questions about this policy you may contact [email protected].

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